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are fueling new suspicion and outrage about pakistan's links to the taliban. is a key u.s. ally playing a role in the deaths of american troops? i'm going to ask pakistan's ambassador to the u.s. about these disturbing allegations. >>> and the case of the disappearing oil. why officials in the gulf say they are not finding much crude left on the water surface? wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux and you're in "the situation room." >>> well, some are calling it one of the biggest leaks in u.s. military history. in the league of the pentagon papers. those revelations about the vietnam war. but today the white house contends that there isn't much new in the thousands of afghan war logs posted online by the group wikileaks. some powerful members of congress, well, they're not so sure. they say the documents raised some serious questions about u.s. policy toward afghanistan and neighboring pakistan. i want to begin with our senior white house correspondent ed henry and what was startling and what was -- stood out in my mind when i saw the white house today was that they are not saying t
the united states and russia. stand by. the defense secretary reveals his choice to be the new head of the u.s. military's central command. it's a u.s. marine general who once said it's fun to shoot some people. this hour the pentagon's problem. military brass with loose lips, and republican party chairman michael steele insists he's 100% behind the u.s. troops, but is that enough to satisfy conservatives who say it's past time for him to go. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> well, let's begin with the breaking news right now. all ten russian suspects appearing in a new york court pleaded guilty just a little while ago in connection with the stunning spy case, and now after days of speculation about a possible spy swap between the united states and russia, we've learned how the exchange is about to play out. let's bring in our foreign affairs correspondent jill doherty. she's got new information just coming in. jill, tell us what you know. >> reporter: right. wolf, this is -- we just got this. it's from the u.s. justice department, and this is a letter from the justice depa
situation room." happening now. iran says he was kidnapped by the united states. the u.s. calls that claim preposterous. what's the real story behind the iranian scientist's now turned up at the pakistani embassy. >>> the legendary owner of the new york yankees, george steinbrenner. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> at some point perhaps in the next hour we could see the beginning of the end of that big dark gush over oil that's been tainting the gulf of mexico for 85 days. we're standing by for testing to begin on the new cap bp placed on its ruptured wellhead. over the course of those tests we should learn if the leak is sealed and the oil is stopped. even if that happens, there should still be plenty of oil left in the gulf to clean up. we've been getting an exclusive look at one of the most high-tech weapons to take care of the spill. ines, tell us what you're been discover. >> reporter: over the past few weeks they've been flying overhead to see where the oil was. they were doing it with technology that wasn't intended for this purpose and we've been able to get ex
of defense has been concerned for more than a year about the problems that the u.s. has been having in cyberspace, both on dod networks, but also on critical infrastructure, and there's a real fear that some of our foreign opponents had the ability to make attack us through this, to hurt dod and so there's a real interest in making dod better able to operate in cyberspace and this is one of the initiatives that the department is making to do that. >> reporter: u.s. intelligent officials are getting more and more concerned that chinese and russian operatives are surveilling computer systems that control places like this, power plants and other key parts of america's infrastructure. contacted by cnn, an official at the chinese embassy in washington called that notion ridiculous, unwarranted and said in a statement, we want to see no more of such allegations of china targeting u.s. infrastructure through the internet. the nsa's mere involvement is creating dispute. "the wall street journal" which first reported this story says in order to detect possible cyber attacks, the nsa would re
, the top secret america -- a new "washington post" investigative series reveals a u.s. national security operation in potential disarray. the papers lead reporter on the story is here. >>> and her identity as a cia operative was leaked sparking an international uproar. valerie plame wilson is weighing in on the hidden culture of spies in the u.s., russia, and iran. we want to welcome our viewers around the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> just a week ago, few people had heard of shirley sherrod. but the former usda official was thrust into the headlines overnight when conservative web publisher andrew brightbart put out a misleading clip that falsely implied sherrod discriminated against a white farmer. sherrod was forced to resign from the government post. but the video of the entire speech revealed. her words were taken entirely out of context. and her remarks were about overcoming prejudice and discrimination. the agriculture secretary tom vilsack apologized to sherrod and offered her a new job and she spoke by phone with presid
blitzer takes us through the next hours. >>> rick, thanks very much. happening now, questions for u.s. troops about gays serving openly in the united states military. we have new information this hour about a brand new survey that could influence plans to repeal don't ask don't tell. >>> plus, some of the alleged russian spies now on the move amid reports that the u.s. may swap them for agents held by moscow. >>> and what could liberal democrat barney frank and libertarian conservative republican ron paul possibly agree on? find out when two of the most outspoken and provocative members of congress team up right here. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> up first, a key step toward allowing gays to serve openly in the united states military. today the pentagon began sending out a formal survey to all u.s. troops about plans to repeal the don't ask don't tell policy. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. she is working this story. it's only a matter of time, barbara, until gays are allowed to serve openly according to the president but this is an imp
is your "situation room." >>> happy birthday, rick. happening now, the u.s. economy loses jobs for the first time this year. the president insists that the recovery is moving forward but americans who are desperate for a paycheck may not be buying that. and two more alleged russian spies reveal their true identities. we'll look at the perils of being a secret agent with kids. and we'll hear from the grown son of one of the suspects. >>> and a leading conservative is calling on the republican party chairman to do his patriotic duty this july 4th by resigning. how long can michael steele hang on to his job? wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux and you're in "the situation room." >>> well job gains in america hit a wall now adding to fears that the nation may be socked with a second recession. there are new figures that show that the economy lost 125,000 jobs in june. now you can see there had been job growth every month in 2010 until the june slide. the loss is mostly due to the fact that the census is over and those jobs related to the census went away. the overall un
. >>> new denials that bp played a role in the release of a convicted terrorist but some u.s. lawmakers are not buying it. this hour, cnn's richard quest presses libya's oil minister about the lockerbie bomber and whether a deal was can you the to free him. apple reveals its response to an embarrassing problem with its newest iphones three weeks after they went on sale. will customers who race to buy these new gadgets be satisfied? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> bp says it is encouraged by what's happening in the gulf of mexico right now. for more than 24 hours a new well cap has been containing the oil that spewed into the water for almost three months. the critical integrity test as it's called and the cap is still under way right now. the worst may, repeat, may be over but as we've seen in this disaster sometimes things can go wrong at any moment. let's check in with cnn's david mattingly joining us now from new orleans. david, you just got off a phone conference with thad allen, the national incident commander. he updated us on what's going on right now. give
the u.s. intelligence community almost a decade after 9/11. and is the tea party movement being torn apart by allegations of racism? one wing of the group expels another and tea party backed candidates are left holding the bag. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. >>> right now officials in the gulf say they don't see any major red flags with the new well cap that might force them to unleash a big gusher of oil. once again they're moving ahead with another full day of tests, athoer 24 hours. they are keeping a close watch on pressure levels. all important pressure levels. and any existing or potential oil leaks. david mattingly is looking at all of this in new orleans on the scene. you just heard from thad allen, the incident commander, and update our viewers on what we know right now, david. >> reporter: wolf, thad allen says they're looking at anomalies that they're encountering down there but so far none of them indicating a problem that tells them they have to stop these tests and reopen that well. but these anomalies as he discussed them were happening as methane comi
in u.s. military spending. they write this in a joint article. "we may not agree on what to do with the estimated $1 trillion in savings, but we do agree that nothing -- we do agree that nothing either of us cares diply about will be possible if we do not begin to face this issue now." representatives frank and paul are joining us together from their respective states. congressman, thanks very much for coming in. how did you guys team up to call for this massive cut in u.s. military spending? congressman paul? >> well, the two of us have talked about this over the years. barne was motivated to come to me and ask me about this, about setting up a commission to do the study. set out a program. and it's not going to happen tomorrow. it's a ten-year program. he asked me if i'd be interested in doing a little bit more work. i obviously agreed to do that. i've almost looking for an opportunity to bring progressive democrats together with conse e conservative libertarian types because there are places where we can agree. >> let's talk about the specifics you have in mind. congressman
tries to push the reset button on u.s. relations with israel. will this go around with prime minister benjamin netanyahu be any different? this hour the talks, the tension, and the struggle for middle east peace. >>> also, the psychological toll of the gulf oil spill. a new move to make sure that bp helped victims of mental stress. >>> and the british royals may be watching their pennies but that's not stopping the queen from making a whirlwind trip to new york. wolf blitzers off today. i'm suzanne malveaux and you're in "the situation room." >>> new move today by israel setting the stage for tomorrow's high stakes talks between benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister, and president obama. now, israel is announcing a change in its controversial blockade policy to allow more goods into gaza but at the same time israel is refusing to apologize to turkey for an israeli raid on an aid ship to gaza that killed nine turkish citizens. i want to bring in our white house correspondent dan lothian. dan, it almost seems like groundhog's day. there have been so many visits between netanyahu and pr
each other about a ra barack and david. >> the u.s. has no stronger partner than great britain. >> reporter: but the bp oil leak in the gulf coast test thad alliance. oil giant british petroleum continues to wreak of havoc. >> i completely understand the anger that exists. the oil spill a catastrophe. >> reporter: and growing controversy whether bp had the role in a release of ali muhammad. >> releasing a mass murderer of 270 people, the largest act of terrorism ever committed in the united kingdom, was completely wrong. so in my view, neither should that killer have been given that luxury. that wasn't a decision taken by bp. it was taken by the scottish government. >> reporter: he was convicted in the 1988 pan am 103 bombing over lockerbie scotland that killed 270 people, mostly americans. the scottish government released him on compassionate grounds after doctors said he had terminal prostate cancer and just three months to live. president obama said that was a mistake, and cameron agreed. cameron said he would provide information for a u.s. congressional investigation but di
of the global security challenges right now. the war in afghanistan -- from the u.s. perspective, is it w winnable? >> if it becomes a home game -- let me explain that. most people think america had great success with the surge in iraq. that's true. but it's important not to forget why the surge worked. we concentrated resources in an area where we had the ability to impact and increase security. we did it in the aftermath of the local sunni leaders turning radically against the al qaeda in iraq because they overplayed their hand and they decapitated tribal leaders who didn't agree with them on things like putting women in boxes and hiding away in life. so our surge became the home team. the reason every counterinsurgency failed in world war ii except what they did in malaysia where they were chinese, not melees, they stayed 14 years, is that it's still an away game. and look at the debate. if you -- if you listed any of the talk shows today, the problem with an away game is you can always go home. and they don't have any other place to go. so i don't care how much bigger your forces are,
some portions of a confidential study of conditions before the rig disaster. also, was the u.s. duped by an iranian scientist who may have been working as a double agent? i'll talk about that and a lot more with the former cia insider. the outed operative valerie plame wilson. >>> an openly gay soldier and outspoken critic of the don't ask don't tell policy has revealed today he's been formally discharged from the united states army. lieutenant dan choy, a west point grad, was arrested for handcuffing himself to a gate in protest of banning gays from the military. i'm sure that lieutenant choy knew this was coming. he had been removed for some time. only a matter of time before he was formally discharged, i assume. >> reporter: yeah, wolf. we spoke with lieutenant choy this afternoon, and he knew it was coming, but he told us, quote, you know, you prepare yourself. he said i had built up an armor, but it's still an emotional roller coaster. now, lieutenant choi says he just got a phone call today from his battalion commander letting him know about the discharge, but, you know, when i
our borders is as heated and uncertain as ever. and 100 days of disaster. the worst oil spill in u.s. history marks a milestone. and we are asking the tough questions about how, why, so much oil seems to have vanished. wolf blitzer's off today. i'm suzanne malveaux. you're in the situation room. we begin in the gulf coast with the shocking turn of events that few of us would have imagined just a hundred days ago. we watched millions of barrels of oil gush into the water week after week but now bp and federal officials are not finding a whole lot of oil left on the water. so should residents celebrate or worry that there is still hidden oil out there? our cnn's rob marciano is in fort pickens, florida. what do you see? >> reporter: well, you know, even on the beach we're still seeing some tar in spots but the key about what's happening out there in the gulf waters is that the well has been capped now for almost two weeks so if you think it was gushing at 50,000 barrels a day, that's, you know, over a half million barrels of oil that hasn't spewed into the gulf in the last 12 days. tha
, only just beginning. new, live reaction. stand by. >>> president obama declares a u.s. bond with israel unbreakable. this hour, the public show of support for prime minister netanyahu. >>> and queen elizabeth as you rarely see her. taking the international stage right here in the united states. we're standing by for her visit to the site of the 9/11 terror attacks. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> breaking news right now. president obama using the full legal force of the united states government to try to stop one state's crackdown on illegal immigration. the justice department filing that highly anticipated lawsuit against arizona and against the arizona governor, jan brewer, just a short while ago. this law prompted widespread protests since governor brewer signed it in april. it requires police to question people suspected of being in the u.s. illegally. the suit doesn't challenge the particulars of the law. it challenges arizona's authority to pass it. let's bring in our senior legal analyst, jeffrey toobin. the justice depa
into a history of discrimination by the u.s. agriculture department. and money owed to black farmers. >>> and a former republican senator may be out to get michael steele. i'll ask norm coleman if he is serious about a possible challenge for his party's top job. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> up first, a failed flaw aboard the deepwater horizon rig when it exploded and unleashed the worst oil disaster in u.s. history. we're just now learning that an alarm system, get this, had intentionally been disabled for about a year before the april 20th blast that killed 11 workers. the platform's chief electronics technician testified today before a federal panel. he explained that the rig's fire and gas sensors were active but its computer system was inhibited in his word so it wouldn't trigger any kind of general alarm or an automatic engine shutdown. listen to this. >> when i discovered it was inhibited about a year ago i inquired as to why it was inhibited. and the explanation i got was that from the oim down they did not want people woke up at 3:00 in the morning du
with the blood of americans. let me explain. july is officially the deadliest month for u.s. forces in nine long years of the war with 66 americans killed. the danger and the volatility aren't limited to the battle field. there are scores of people who riot in the afghan capital today after a vehicle carrying four u.s. contractors was involved in an accident with a car carrying four afghans. our cnn reporter ness kabul. >> reporter: around 3:00 p.m. friday afternoon and here in the capital of kabul, on airport road, this road is called airport road, two american vehicles were driving when one hit a civilian vehicle in the end killing two adults, one man, one woman, and injuring four others. this is the remains of the first car. this is apparently the car that actually hit the civilian vehicle. if you notice they were trying to leave after being attacked by other civilians in the area. while they tried to leave their car got stuck here on this side of the curb. and if we walk here we can show you the rocks thrown by the afghans in the area who saw everything happen. it was an angry mob. over a th
in the courts and on the streets? also more than 100 days of disaster. the worst spill in u.s. history marks a milestone. and we're asking the tough questions about how and why so much oil seems to have vanished. >>> and art in the white house from every angle. join me on a fascinating tour of historic paintings, antiques and did he cure that presidents get to see and enjoy every day. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off. i'm suzanne malveaux and you're in "the situation room." >>> arizona's controversial immigration law went into effect as scheduled this week. minus key provisions blocked by federal judge. now no one in the state seems satisfied. governor jan brewer quickly launched an appeal of the ruling. and opponents of the crackdown launched a series of street protests leading to a number of arrests. both sides are preparing for the next round of the legal fight. i spoke with cnn's senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin about the ruling by u.s. district judge susan bolton which focused on the most controversial elements of the law. jeff, we
of responsibility in the deadly bombings of crowds watching the world cup final game on tv in uganda. now the u.s. is offering to help. and a son's dna leads police to find and arrest his father. an exclusive look at the technology that cracked the grim sleeper killings over two decades later. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." look at these live pictures from the gulf of mexico. at any moment we could see a new cap lowered into place over the leaking bp oil well. this is a critical step that could possibly, possibly seal off the gusher, at least temporarily for the first time in 84 days. cnn's ed levendara is joining us live from new orleans. ed, take us through this right now. >> reporter: the latest information we have is that new containment cap is moving so closely to the top of the blowout preventer so we're really looking intently at what will happen over the next 48 hours as soon as that cap is in place. they will begin a series of what they describe as integrity testing to determine whether or not that cap will essentially be able to do what they hope it does. essentially,
. the kremlin identified the men by name thursday. all u.s. officials say is several are in poor health. >> i have nothing for you. >> the best known prisoner, igor sutyagin arms control expert for a moscow think tank. the russians say he gave military secrets to a british company working with the cia and found him guilty of treason, sentencing him to 15 years in a high security prison. he has consistently maintained his innocence. this individual is reportedly a former colonel in russia's counterintelligence service. according to russian media he worked in the u.s. and retired here. when he returned to russia he was arrested and found guilty of high treason for giving the cia secret information on russian agents. he served seven years of an 18-year sentence and reportedly has family in the u.s. russian media say the third man released is a former military intelligence agent. he was serving a 13-year sentence for spying on behalf of british intelligence. he reportedly has diabetes. and then there is a former kgb major reportedly arrested 12 years ago for contacts with the cia and arrested aga
believe an american might be more palatable in the u.s. than a brit where bp's reputation has been hit hardest. >> i've spent the last three months every day in the gulf coast, and i'm going to focus for the next month and a half on what we're doing in the gulf coast, our relationship in the gulf coast and washington and tony and are going to work through transition between now and october 1st. >> it's a welcome change but just changing faces and not a corporate philosophy is not going to get you anywhere. we want to know they're completely committed to making it completely right and that means not leaves just because the well is capped. >> reporter: hayward known for his gaffs told analysts that the company has demonstrated what corporate responsibility really means, something that unlikely may help this relationships. dudley has three main priorities, making sure the leak is permanently fixed, sorting out the clean-up mess, and paying the penalties imposed by the u.s. and the legal system. bp is estimating it could cost $32 billion. that's a best guess. it's still not sure how much o
, the retired u.s. coast guard, national incident commander. he is going to update us right now on what is going on and when you see the live pictures of that cap you can still see the oil spewing from the top of that well. it's going full speed ahead. the goal is to start closing some of those valves at the top of the new cap but to do it in a way that won't cause further problems. let's listen to thad allen. >> thanks for coming here to the airport. i returned a short while ago from a visit out to the well site with secretary salazar, secretary of interior. we were on the helix producer 1 which is a production platform we have brought on to be able to increase our production. this is the first time a floating production unit has been employed in the gulf coast. it was a pretty significant event. we had a chance to talk to the crew and get a brief on operations and that was very helpful moving forward. out on site today in and around the well site we had 44 skimmers, 20 of them actually within 15 nautical miles of the source. there continues to be a robust response to the oil being released whi
for you. >> oh, my. >> who was the u.s. attorney who prosecuted dan rostenkowski? >> i'm drawing a blank. >> eric holder. >> there you go. >> it all comes full circle. >> attorney general. >> thank you, gloria. appreciate it. >> sure. >> it's been a tense day in arizona as parts of the new immigration law take effect now. our law enforcement officers are prepared for all of this. i'm going to ask the county sheriff, one of the most vocal supporters of the immigration crackdown. plus, we knew that a lot of graves at arlington national cemetery may have been mishandled, but the new number being thrown out is pretty astounding. and it now looks like the controversy that led to shirley sherrod's forced resignation will now wind up in court. when i grow up, i'm going to own my own restaurant. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. i'm going to go there. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] discover the best of what's next at aarp.org. it's safe to say that these are not the kinds of images arizona's tourism board
-arrest confession to authorities. this is according to a bail letter that was released by the u.s. attorney's office in new york. the confession occurred on sunday right after he was picked up. he waived his miranda rights, according to officials and started talking. he said he had worked for the russian intelligence service. here's a quote from the bail letter that the u.s. attorney's office released. juan lazaro admitted that palaez, identified his wife, that palaez had delivered letters on his behalf, that the yonkers house had been paid for by the service and that though he, lazaro, loved his son, he would not violate that loyalty even for his son. a lengthy post-confession by juan lazaro that he worked for the russian intelligence services. he said his name was not juan lazaro, born in uruguay as previously believed, and that he would not give his real name, but he did admit working for the russian intelligence services. we got that information after a bizarre occurrence here in alexandria, virginia, where three of the suspects were paraded before a u.s. district court judge and two of them fir
around british airways' flight schedule. never mind all that. it is just great. imagine the money u.s. taxpayers could save if more of our lawmakers slummed it with the rest of us on commercial airplanes and in other ways. here's the question. is there a lesson for our politicians in the british prime minister flying commercial to america? you bet there is. go to cnn.com/cafferty file and give us your thoughts. >> i was invited last night, jack, to a small dinner party at the british embassy in honor of the new prime minister. he is only 43 years old. he was extremely impressive. i spoke with his staff about that. he could have flown first class on that commercial flight. he flew business class because he was -- wanted to make a statement. didn't fly in coach but business class. not first class on that british airways flight. because he wanted to make a statement about austerity during these difficult times right now. >> indeed. >> jack, thanks very much. >>> once again the weather is threatening to get in the way of emergency operations along the gulf coast. we'll have the latest on
not much, because remember, the voting public in the u.s. has the attention span and memory of a fruit fly. some other crisis or problem will come along, and cause the spill to be knocked out of the nation's collective consciousness by the time the midterms get here. nancy says, you have to be kidding the oil companies are the republican's baby and the question is how much will the oil spill help the democrats? and john writes, it is another nail in the democrats' coffin and not enough by itself to cost the democrats the election, but when added to the economy and unemt employment and immigration and all of the things that president obama and the democrats have failed to solve, they won't be able to overcome it. they look impotent when it comes to bp and the oil leak. hillary and 2012. if you want to read more on this go to my blog cnn.com/caffertyfile. wolf? >> thank you, jack. >>> here in "the situation room," happening now, breaking news, bp begins a critical test, and reaches a milestone in the oil disaster for the first time in 87 days, there is no oil, repeat, no oil flowing into the
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